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A Girl Named JOE Video

THE REMIX: The label Web Foot Dance and GOOOD news teamed the Artist A Girl Named JOE (“ガール・ネームド・ジョ) with Japan’s outstanding remix producer


“T-Groove & guitarist Yuma Hara" from across the Atlantic Ocean and halfway round 

the globe this marriage was made in heaven. with A Girl Named JOE stylist vocal and the RnB, soul and disco arrangements by Yuki and the joyous 70’s rhythmic lead guitar setting the pace that bridge the genres of RnB and disco together


Born in Chicago but glowed up in L.A, Patrick trained as a dancer and performer, he has dance behind some of the greats including Michael Jackson, and has gone on to build a strong Grassroots following all over the globe and a class "A" reputation with his live shows in L.A., New York and London. In putting together, the Edwin Starr EDM DJ remix project the label CEO Dr. Marlin McNichols wanted to cover Starr’s biggest hit, the 70’s classic “War”. Dr. McNichols said “the first guy I though of that would give us the performance on the song that would compete with the original version was England by way of Chicago and LA was Patrick Alan and he prove the point with gutty and gritty deliver of song.

Ripple 2.20 featuring DJ Prince

 DJ Prince produced several smashing remixes for the Edwin Starr EDM DJ Remix Compilation. From that successful outing when the label once again needs that special vibe for The GOOOD NEWS Experience Compilation. The executive went to the bull pen and brought out our closer DJ PRINCE, and he pitched a shutout with a slamming curve  in your face remix on a 70’s Billboard and Cash box top 10 RnB classic by the Group Ripple “I Don’t Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky” and the remix earned a very impressing top 10 finish on the UK RnB Charts.

Mike Bosch

Moving into 2020 and the GOOOD NEWS Experience Various Artist Album was in heavy production and needed that great record where Electronic Techno House meets soul, and once again the label turned to the heavy-hitting, electrifying, The Professor himself Mike Bosch and he delivered and awesome midtempo Electronic House remix with a little dap of soul on “Can’t Stop The Love” Electronic Soul remix. The label Web Foot Dance/kazoo Curtis was so impressed with Mike remixed, his version earned a priority dance released off the compilation Ripple 2.20 featuring MIKE BOSCH as the artist along with a smoking video from our joint venture partners in London England Da Rockwildas Crew. 



The song Can’t Stop The Love set the tone for the Ripple 2.20 GOOOD NEWS project. Not only are the songs performed by guest artist Luke “G”, Electronic House wiz and hit maker Mike Bosch performed a Electro House meets Soulful remix of the song.

I Remember Feat: Doc Samuels Vocals

Written By Doc Samuels &Vinni Oneal

Produced & Arranged  by Keith Doc Samuels  & Curtis Reynolds

ForRipple 2.20

 Ripple was signed with GRC Records, which was owned by Mike Thevis in Atlanta, GA. In 1973, we wrote a hit record called “Sure is Funky”. Due to the success of that song. Twenty years later, Kid-N-Play recorded the hook line to our song and put it in their movie, House Party. When people ask who do we imitate? I answered We're more of an eclectic group, somewhere between Funk and Jazz.We thought of Ourselves as more of a old school funk band more so than jazz, but we're still a work in progress.

Ripple 2.20

Curtis Kazoo Reynolds  and Keith Doc Samuels began developing  a new and improve group  RIPPLE 2,20 was formed..with their latest single soon to be released  Entitled  EXERCISE MY LOVE