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WOW” The JOY of Urban Praise and Worship”


Detroit, Michigan has always been the culture center and hub of gospel music and great churches producing such groups such as, The Clark Sisters, The Rance Allen Group, Commissioned, and The Winans plus R&B giant and church girl, Aretha Franklin, known for her gospel roots. The aforementioned will work alongside the others, who have established themselves as global leaders in spreading gospel music. In order to bring this worship experience of honoring our Lord with admiration, love, and giving him the thanks through our praise, it took the vision of Dr. McNichols. Dr. McNichols brought together an elite group of church in-house anointed worshippers, praise warriors (musicians and singers); producers and arrangers creatively spearheaded by songwriter, producer Michael Allen; song writer, vocal arranger Gary Crawford all from Dunamis Outreach Ministries, which influence the praise and worship ministry of their former member Fred Hammond and Radical for Christ. The collaboration between these musical giants allotted for an expression of our awe of who God is through music and song like other cultures by capturing the sound of the Sunday morning worship and praise of the urban church experience.

Featured on the “WOW: The Joy of Urban Worship and Praise” compilation album includes: Pastor William Murphy III, Detroit, MI born, chart topping gospel recording artist and the outstanding Pastor of The Dream Center Church in Atlanta, GA, with background vocals featuring Radical for Christ, “Yes to Your Will” is the first single released from the “WOW: The Joy of Urban Worship and Praise” compilation album, Angel Dove Praise. Also, this Worship and Praise Compilation album features several songs birth from and inspired from church services such as “Holy Holy,” written by Gary Crawford, produced by Dr. Joyce Dozier-McNichols and taken from the Harvest Time Church Live Recording Praise Experience, with lead vocals by four International renowned Praise and Worship Leaders, such as Stellar Award Winner, Dove Nominee, teacher and song writer - Martha Munizzi, teaming up with The Voice semifinalist and gospel recording artist, Regina Love; Recording Artist, Teacher, and Praise And Worship Leader, Nicole Binion, who appears across the country leading Praise And Worship services along with her husband, David Binion, at some of America’s great churches. Praise and Worshipper, then Dunams Church member and former Fred Hammond’s Radical for Christ member, Terrie Lynn Taylor, putting her signature finishing heavenly high notes on “Holy Holy.” Producer Michael Allen brought in then Radical for Christ, Joshua, and his Dunamis Church member, Tiffany Smith, who has sung background for Mary J. Blige and presently for Chaka Khan and matched her up with the soulful, dynamic blues and gospel recording artist, Mark Allen, on the urban contemporary inspirational songs, “Get on Up” and “I Will Never Leave.” Worship ushered praise in the house in with “Far Away from Home”, written by Psalmist Joyce Dozier McNichols and featuring a duet by Troy Evans and Gwen Spencer delivering a heartfelt, sincere and profoundly emotional delivery demonstrating their trust in God and His word. Former Radical for Christ member and outstanding solo vocalist Eric Coates, lifts his voice on high proclaiming, “All Creation Sings of Jesus the King and giver of life, Lord Sacrifice and Lord overall, faithful and true Jesus we love to worship You.” Eric sums up his message of worship and praise with “Oh Give Thanks,” that features


the lyrics, “Oh give thanks unto the Lord for what he done for you and I praise and glorified, we will worship him on high and lift our voice on high” and will always live in God’s omnipresence.

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The name Dozier in the music industry should ring a bell with most of you real lovers of Motown and the labels great urban writers and producers. Joyce Dozier-McNichols comes from the blood l Records Music. Lamont Dozier the Grammy winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who was a part of the writing and production team Holland, Dozier & Holland and mention to be a distant cousin of Joyce Dozier McNichols. Although Joyce writing and producing talents covers such genres as urban, R&B, inspirational contemporary gospel, Hip Hop and Pop Music, her love for gospel music always came first. Her father the Rev Raymond Dozier was the lead singer for the area best quartet group and gospel music dominated the atmosphere in the home day in and day out.  This Contemporary gospel artist,

Praise and Worship Leader and minister gifts spreads wide into other areas of our industry such as personal stylist for many of Fred Hammonds album projects, set designer for the Commissioned Live Reunion Album, and Video coordinator for the Lexi Real Deal Records album “I’m A Winner and “Confession”.

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ADRIAN “AGEE” SMITH  “You’re The Reason”




Adrian “Agee” Smith this artist has toured the country as background vocalist for some of the leading men and women of gospel music such as Fred Hammond, Martha Muzzini, Ronald Winans, and Donnie McClurklin.  His first solo album was special because Agee called on his pastor Marvin Winans to join him on the high powered cut “I AM’ and both vocalist took the song to another place. This album is feel with several singles and Angel Dove Praise is going to re-release some of the songs off “You’re The Reason”.

                                                         LIVE RECORDING “PRAISE EXPERIENCE


Angel Dove Praise live recording and DVD titled “Praise Experience” recorded in Houston Texas at Harvest Time Church Pastored by Bishop Shelton Bady. Dr. Marlin McNichols once again as always with his passion for capturing the heart of the church with live recording feathering anointed and gifted Praise and Worship Leaders with the love of ushering in the presents of the Lord through their ministry gift of Worship and Praise. Minister of Music and Praise and Worship leader Keith Dobbins called on a few of his friends such as Steller Award Winner Martha Munizzi, Grammy and Dove Awards nominee Karl Reid of the legendary Contemporary gospel group Commissioned, The Voice contestant and gospel recording artist Regina Love, former Fred Hammonds Radical For Christ member Terry Lynn Taylor, the renowned praise and worship husband and wife team “The Binions” and ground breaking , dynamic CCM artist  and TBN’s Javen Campbell plus gospel artist Lexi rounded out the night of “Praise Experience”.


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Detroit legendary film maker, producer, engineer, remix master the one and only DJ People Mover stomps down on remixes from cuts from the inspirational album “WOW” The Joy of Urban Worship and Praise”. These urban soulful house inspirational remixes will set the tone for secular and Christian music lovers.

Angel Dove Praise/ Inspirational


Wade in The Water

Has been performed by artist such as The Ramsey Lewis Trio (Instrumental), Billy Preston, Bob Dylan, Eva Cassidy, Odetta and countless of others bringing their own versions. Although it has a dual meaning the original intent was obviously a code song sung by slaves giving instruction to other slaves on how to stay off the main trails and roads by wading through the Ohio River dodging the slave masters and preventing their dogs from picking up their sent. The original song lyrics is also talking about how Moses led the Israelites through the Red Sea. Wade means to go through the water! Also, John 5:4 talks about healing in the water when it was troubled by the angel. There's freedom from the bondage of slavery and afflictions.

Which spiritually and naturally you can have both and let's not forget the washing away of sins when being baptized.  Joyce Dozier McNichols Working with young music track makers in the recording studio that most likely never heard of code songs if they didn’t enjoy American History (Wade In The Water) but they bridged the gap and delivered their music vibe and expression of their era to Wade In The Water vocally arranged and performed by Joyce Dozier McNichols.


JB Music Group/ Angel Dove Praise

Crew / Angel Dove Global

Allo Records / Angel Dove Global

The Jones Boys Of North Carolina

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The Jones Boys of North Carolina, formally in parts (The Jones Twins); Alton and Dalton are natives of Greenville North Carolina. Raised up in a home where going to church was a must and gospel music was king. Alton and Dalton had an early passion for singing gospel music and their love of the Lord led the identical twins to start singing together and also with various groups in and around Greenville. Alton and Dalton after a few years of ministering as The Jones Twins, they teamed up with the highly talent second tenor David Jones of Another Chance Ministries and shortly after David join the group, since all the guys had the same last name they became The Jones Boys Of North Carolina.  David Jones said “following the Spirit of God I meet the Jones Twins at the end of his road too”. Longing to labor in his passion of singing, which started in his hometown of Sneads Ferry, North Carolina at the tender age of eight he also had been with various groups and was compelled to pray for a group that had similar desires landed him in the company of the Jones Twins and like the old saying says “The rest is history”.


The Jones Boys of North Carolina released their first single and video the heart warming, tear jerker and soul searching ballad “You Give Me Another Chance” written by the very talent and anointed Dalton Jones. The message ministers  to the hearts of the saints fortifying through Dalton testimony the word of God will gave you another chance has touch the hearts of listeners at radio across the US and gain fans throughout Europe. The Jones Boys of North Carolina has completed their EP titled “Champion” and accomplishing their goal and mission of writing, singing and producing songs that minister the light of hope and building faith. The EP is full of great songs from 1-6 featuring the single “Where Will You Spend Eternity” and the JBONC continued with their same winning formula teaming up with Grammy winning producer Cedric Thompson, additional background vocals by LeJuene Thompson, Shania Croutch and the steady rhythm guitar licks of Darryl Dixon on this master piece. “This Joy That I Have”, a real toe tapers upbeat song in which the Jones Boys guest vocalist Agee Smith who stamped his vocals on such Grammy and Stellar Award-winning albums by Fred Hammond, Martha Munizzi, Marvin Winans, and Commissioned. “In Need of A Blessing” produced by Grammy Awards and Steller Awards nominee Cedric Thompson featuring outstanding guest vocalist Jajune Thompson and keeping with the vision of the ministry, “I Can’t” was writing and produced by the front man of Them Georgia Boyz Shelton Williams. The Jones Boys Of North Carolina says, “hopefully these songs minister to God’s people saying to them you are “Champions”, and in the struggle “You Gave Me Another Chance”, because “I Can’t” do It by myself”, “In Need of a Blessing”, and “This Joy That I Have” the world didn’t give it to me and the world can’t take it away and “Where Will You Spend Eternity”.


 Also, sincere thanks to our wives and families for their love, contribution, and sacrifice with us. Also, very special thanks to Dr. Shelia for her love and contribution to this project, Deacon Donald Holland a true blessing and angel, executive producers Dr. Marlin McNichols, Video Director and Producer “Where Will You Spend Eternity” Creatively Strawberry Fieldes   Joyce Dozier McNichols and Huss Films.                   The Jones Boys@JonesBoys Of NC)

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Lou Wilson

               one of the industry best kept secrets but one of the giants in rhythm and blues in his own right has quietly established his sound in Europe over the years charting on Crew Records and most recently on his own independent Allo Records / Angel Dove Global.


Lou Wilson born in Senatobia a small southern town in Mississippi. The name Senatobia, given by Charles Merriweather, was derived from the Indian word Senatohoba, which means “White Sycamore”—a symbol of "rest for the weary." Although the town is small in addition to Lou Wilson there were some other very talent people that blossom, such as blues guitar player Aron Burton, O.B. McClinton country and R&B singer and writer. Maybe the most famous family springing out of the community was Robert Earl Jones an American actor and one of the first prominent black film stars, he was best known for his leading roles in films such as Lying Lips and later in his career for supporting roles in blockbusters such as The Sting and The Cotton Club . He was the father of actor James Earl Jones Lou’s family moved to Memphis TN and during his growing up years Lou listened to and was influenced by many of the local greats such as Elmore James, Howlin' Wolf, BB King, Johnny Ace and Little Junior Parker to name a few. "Lou Wilson" is a balladeer, and consummate Blues man, who puts it down like no other, with his history of great songs, music and soulful vocals. You are truly in for a treat, as he winds you through the spirit of the soul, with rhythm and blues like you never heard before.


Lou Wilson has had a long career going back to the fifties with a group he founded, Wade Flemons and the New Comers, who had a top 15 R&B charts hit "Here I Stand" on Chicago's Vee-Jay Records. In 1970 Lou formed at new group call Lou Wilson And Todays People and signed a recording contract with Columbia/Sony Records releasing a single “Got to Be Me: As a solo performer Lou was successful with "This Love is Getting Deeper" on Kent Records and four releases on Detroit Crew Records titled: "True Blues”, “Prime Time”, ‘Blue Groove” “The Right Track”. Allo Records release “Running With The Blues”,  “HereI Stand”,


 As a solo performer Lou has traveled around the country performing on some of the biggest stages and night clubs all over the United States and Canada. Not only has Lou been the headline act, he has opened for some of the biggest blues and R&B acts such as Bobby Rush, Denice Lasalle, Al Green, Midnight Star etc.  Being a gifted and talented soulful singer and performer is just a part of Lou Wilson resumes the entertainer he is also an outstanding song writer pinning over one hundred songs.


 “RUNNIN WITH THE BLUES” is Lou Wilson's latest Allo / Angel Dove Global physical CD and digital release. It consists of sounds of southern soul, blues and R&B. Lou Wilson music has made its way around the globe gaining the respect of fans in such countries Germany, England, Netherlands, Africa, China and Japan



Dwayne Dopsie And The Zydeco Hellraisers

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America’s Hottest Accordion” winner, Dwayne Dopsie plays a unique, high Energy style of Zydeco music. Dwayne hails from one of the most influential Zydeco families in the world. Although inspired by tradition, he has developed his own high energy style that defies existing stereotypes and blazes a refreshingly distinct path for 21st century Zydeco music. This singe songwriter and accordion has performed all over the world since debuting his band Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers at age 19. Dwyane, born March 3, 1979 in Lafayette, Louisiana, was the last of eight children. Dwayne attributes his musical abilities to his father, “Rockin” Dopsie. Sr., a pioneer of Zydeco music.  As a small child, Dwayne was interested in the washboard, but quickly realized he had incredible talent with an accordion. He has played the accordion since age seven and states. “This is my calling-Zydeco music is my blood and it is my heart and soul.”  As a tribute to his late father, the most

influential person in his life, Dwayne plans to record an album of his Dad’s greatest Zydeco hits. Dwayne Dopsie & The Hellraisers have just finished recording their new album entitled “Top of The Mountain”. A Crew/Angel Dove Global release with a new global distribution, marketing, promotion and social media deal with Crew Records / Angel Dove Music Entertainment Media Group.

Dwayne Dopsie and his Hellraisers are booked constantly and have performed in 20 different countries and in hundreds of cities and because of the high energy and power of the music they play, he has been nominated for a Grammy award in 2007, and nominated for the last 7 years for best accordion and artist from Off Beat Magazine Awards.  September 2016, he was on “Louisiana Rising” with Harry Connick Jr and Funky, easily appealing to fans of all genres.”-Toledo City Paper”. He has no competition in his genres; he’s the Jimmy Hendrix of the accordion. - Rolling Stone Magazine

Crew Records / Angel Dove Global

   William “Red” Franklin Guest


Heart Don't Change Your Mind


“The Music, The Legend and The Legacy STILL LIVES ON” William Franklin Guest, the man, the artist, the legend and co-founder and original member of the Hall Of Fame R&B Group Gladys Knight & The Pips. The entertainment industry and close friends know him as “Red”. Red as a member of Gladys Knight & The Pips is no stranger to winning awards, nominated for six Grammys and wining two, (“Midnight Train To Georgia”,(“Neither One of Us (Wants To Say Goodbye”). The group also received the Quincy Jones Award for Career Achievement, inducted into the Georgia Music hall of Fame, The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Received The Lifetime Achievement Award from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation, Inducted into Grammy Hall of Fame, and the Hit Parade Hall Of Fame. Although Red sung background as one of the Pips his talents also flourished as a song writer on the groups albums containing such songs as “Darling”, “Who Knows”, “Love Call”, “Love Me Again”, “Bless the One”, “Walking Around In Circles “and “Don’t Change Your Mind” in which Red give a commanding and stellar vocal performance. The song was written by another Hall of Famer and Grammy

Award winner Dianne Eve Warren. Her songs have received seven Academy Award nominations, five Golden Globe nominations and one win, twelve Grammy Award Nominations and two wins. Dianne Warren is the most prolific contemporary song writer of our time. And after all their years in the entertaining business when a great song writer and a great vocalist and performer meet, and after all their years entertaining their fans with great songs and performances, there’s no better place for one Hall of Famer to say to the other Hall of Famer, if we had it to do all over again “Heart Don’t Change My Mind”.  Crew/Angel Dove Global will release a new single from the album first quarter 2018.


            Tommy Stewart



Alexblex   February 8, 2008


QUOTE; (alexblex-Spain)” This is one of the most sought-after disco albums in the world, it’s a perfect album full of rare groove tracks, in this LP you can find all the read all the reading keys which characterized the disco music. Tommy Stewart is a real cult producer, second to Patrick Adams only for the number of the productions…very few!”  In his partnership with Marlin McNichols and Bill Wright he arranged, co-produced almost all on Marlin McNichols Atlanta based Free Spirit label and other master purchase deals headed up by McNichols with major record labels. You can surely tell Marlin McNichols was a major part of the production because of his trademark percussion rhythmic overdubs. (alexblex} “I think that every track comments on itself, but a special annotation deserves “Fulton County Line”, “Riding High” and “Bump and Hustle Music” which in the last 30 years has been making move also who hates disco music, strangely no single were extracted from the album.” There will be a limited vinyl release on this album the first quarter of 2018.